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Our Research

Catalysis in H2O

We are researching the energetic and mechanistic details about how water molecules influence aqueous phase heterogeneous catalysis.


NP@MOF Catalysts

We are designing metal catalysts encapsulated within metal-organic frameworks for regioselective hydrogenations and oxidations.


Metal Oxide Catalysts

We are learning how to design catalytically active sites, atom by atom, for the upgrading of light hydrocarbons found in natural gas.


Advanced Materials

We are learning how to calculate the electronic and magnetic structures of substituted metal ferrites, for applications in medicine.



Graduate Student Positions - OPENINGS AVAILABLE

The Getman Group is actively recruiting exceptional graduate students to work on exciting projects. One involves learning how to perform DFT calculations of magnetic materials. Specifically, we want to use quantum chemical calculations to help us accurately predict the magnetization and anisotropy of substituted metal ferrites. Another project involves designing metal chalcogenide nanocluster catalysts using insights from modeling. Both projects will involve simulations and experimental research.

Interested students should contact Dr. Getman at or apply to Clemson University, mentioning 'computational catalysis' as a research area of interest.

Postdoctoral Positions - NO OPENINGS AT PRESENT

Unfortunately, we do not have any openings for postdoctoral researchers at this time.

Undergraduate Positions - OPENINGS AVAILABLE

The Getman Group is actively recruiting Clemson University undergraduate researchers. We are specifically interested in individuals who are creative, driven, and perseverent, and who will take an appropriately scoped project from start to finish. Dr. Getman tries to work with each undergraduate to find a project that appeals to her or him. Many undergraduates cite research as one of the most valuable things that they did in college, because it encouraged them to truly think through -- and solve -- tough prolems. If you are ready to embark on a challenging yet highly rewarding journey and to explore the field of catalyst design from the molecular level, please email Dr. Getman at or drop by Earle Hall 205.

Page last updated on: January 25, 2017